What’s included in my car rental fee?

As part of our commitment to provide competitive, fair and transparent pricing we have summarised below all items included as part of your rental agreement, and those which are optional and payable on arrival.
All prices are inclusive of VAT/IVA at the prevailing rate (21% in June 2013); to comply with Spanish fiscal law your final invoice will show the tax as a separate amount but the total will be as shown here.
If anything is still unclear please do contact us.

Fuel Policy Information

We were the first car hire company to introduce a flexible fuel policy giving our customers the opportunity to choose the policy that best suits their needs.
We offer two options:

Full to Empty fuel policy

Pick up with a full tank of fuel and return empty. Pay Drivalia for fuel on collection*.

This policy is normally applicable to our lowest rental rates which are calculated on the basis that a full tank of fuel will be paid for separately on arrival. Since there will be no refund for unused fuel, this policy is best suited for customers who do not wish to look for a petrol station when returning the vehicle or those who intend driving 300 kilometers or more.

Please note that the total fuel price includes an administration and refuelling fee that varies from 24€ to 35€ depending on a vehicle group, therefore the total fuel tank cost may be slightly higher than at a petrol station (See* below).

Full to Full fuel policy

Pick up with a full tank of fuel and return full. Drivalia make no charge for fuel.

Drivalia makes no charge for fuel unless, for whatever reason, you don’t have the chance to refuel the vehicle before returning it. In this case, when you return the vehicle, you will only be asked to pay for the fuel used at our current market price* without any penalty fee.

This policy is suitable for those who don’t intend travelling far or for those who simply prefer not pre-pay for the fuel, and to pay only for the fuel they use.

Please check your rental confirmation for which fuel policy you have. If you have reserved through an intermediate company or a broker and your fuel policy is not what you want, we are happy to change it for you at the reception desk. When changing from a "Full to Empty" to a "Full to Full" fuel policy an administration charge will apply. Depending on the rental duration and the chosen vehicle group, charges vary from 17 Euro to a maximum of 65 Euro.

Full to Empty fuel policy: Minimum and maximum fuel price chart per vehicle group.

Groups Minimum Maximum
A,AS,B,SA,SC,SX 72 € 76 €
C 85 € 100 €
C1 98 € 110 €
C2 105 € 120 €
D,DA,DD,E,F,SD 100 € 120 €
FS 105 € 120 €
G 107 € 120 €
IA 125 € 140 €
S 90 € 100 €
X9 150 € 180 €

*Depending on the fluctuation of fuel prices and including the above mentioned administration and refuelling fee, our fuel prices do not exceed 2,10 Euro per litre (21% VAT included). The total fuel price varies from 72 Euro to a maximum of 140 Euro, depending on the chosen vehicle group.

What's included in the standard rental insurance and what can be purchased and covered additionally at the rental counter?

The standard rate includes fully comprehensive insurance with the following excess applying to both CDW(Collision Damage Waiver) and TP (Theft protection):

Group Excess / Liability
A - AS - B - C1.000,00 Euros
C1 - C2 - D - DA - DD - E - S - SA - SC - SD - SX1.250,00 Euros
F - FS - G - IA - X92.000,00 Euros

Those who wish to enjoy complete peace of mind can eliminate all risks by purchasing our Super Collision Damage Waiver (S.C.D.W.)

Standard Rental Super Collision Damage Waiver
Pick up shuttle bus service.
Drop off shuttle bus service.
Vehicle damage in case of accident with 0€ excess*.
Vehicle theft with 0€ excess**.
Mechanical breakdown road assistance.
Punctures and damage to tyres and wheels.
Windscreen or window damage / breakage.
Damage to undercarriage and side sils.
Road assistance costs in the event of an accident.
Damage to wing mirrors.
Damage to car locks.
Loss or damage to vehicle keys.
Cost of sending second key.
Engine and clutch damage ***.
Administration fees due to traffic fines or penalties.
Administration fees due to traffic accident or damage report.
Replacement vehicle.

Purchase our Super Collision Damage Waiver during our website booking process or directly at the rental desk counter upon vehicle collection for just:

S.C.D.W. rate Per Day Min per rental Max per rental
Group: A,AS,B and C.16,50€66,00€248,00€
Group: C1,C2,D,DA,DD,E,S,SA,SC,SD and SX.17,45€69,80€261,00€
Group: F,FS,G and IA.18,35€73,40€275,00€
Group: X9.20,95€83,80€314,00€

* Legal claims and charges will apply if driver’s negligence is proven
** Theft is not covered if the keys are left in the vehicle or due care and attention is not taken.
*** Engine damage is not covered if negligence is proven or due care of the vehicle is not provided. (e.g. Running out of engine oil, ignoring warning lights, etc.)
To see the exact costs in case of accident and towing service
click here. You can cover a maximum of 2500 kilometres per rental. If you intend on travelling futher please contact us at info@drivalia.com

Please note that those who wish to assume the risk of the standard insurance exclusions or have purchased insurance elsewhere, will be asked to leave a deposit of up to the amount of the excess.

Other additional extras Price
Second Driver3,50€ per day / max. 35€ per rental
Young driver (21 to 24 years (both incl.))5€ per day / max. 75€ per rental
Senior driver (from 75 years (incl.))5€ per day / max. 75€ per rental
GPS Navigator5,50€ per day / max. 65€ per rental
Baby seat4,95€ per day / max. 63€ per rental
Booster Seat3,50€ per day / max. 49€ per rental
Out of Hours car collection Summer (between 23:00 and 00:59)35€ per rental
Out of Hours car return Summer (between 01:00 and 07:59)10€ per rental
Out of Hours car collection Winter (between 22:00 and 23:30)35€ per rental
Out of Hours car return Winter (between 01:00 and 07:59)10€ per rental
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