The future is electric


Driving an electric vehicle is not just a sustainable choice.

The single shot of the electric motor, the freedom of being able to drive in city centres and in restricted traffic zones, on days with traffic blocks will finally be real. With an electric car, you can really feel free and drive without worries, helping to protect the environment and preserve people’s health. Who has never driven an electric vehicle, doesn’t know what he’s missing.

Why to choose an electric car?

No pollution
Can be recharged anywhere
Saves on fuel and maintenance
Can be driven in restricted traffic areas
Free access to car parks in historic centres
Fiat 500e

DRIVALIA facilitates the energy transition of private transport, giving its customers access to a wide range of mobility solutions. From car sharing E+Share Drivalia to short-term rental for a few days or weeks. From CarCloud subscription formulas of one or more months up to the long-term subscription 24 months BE FREE EVO.

Rental solutions

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FIAT 500e

The electric car sharing, runs its way in respect of the environment: every day the new Fiat 500 electric E+Share Drivalia avoid entering 1kg of CO2!

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XEV Yoyo

Drivalia CarCloud is the first subscription car rental service in Italy, renewable every month, without time constraints or penalties.

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Access with a credit card only the new «Ready to Go» solution designed by DRIVALIA, to rent a car for up to 24 months with the flexibility of a short-term rental.

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With DRIVALIA, you will have access to anextensive private charging network in major cities, stations and airports, where you can recharge your electric rental vehicle for free.
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Charging solutions

With a short term or a subscribe rental agreement, you will receive a recharging card to be used with the public network or free of charge at the DRIVALIA charging network.

With hybrid and electric DRIVALIA vehicles, you will receive a cable with schuko socket (MOD 2) for domestic charging and a connector (MOD 3) for public charging..

The service includes
  • A cable with schuko socket (MOD 2)
    for home charging
  • A connector (MOD 3)
    for public charging.
Public charging in Turin


In collaboration with Bosch, DRIVALIA also offers in the city of Turin a public recharging service that you can also use for your own electric or plug-in vehicle.

Discover the future of electric mobility! All you need is a smartphone and a credit card to recharge your electric car with the Bosch app. After signing up you can recharge your batteries as often as you like.
Through the DRIVALIA Recharge app you will be able to locate the charging stations e+ Drivalia and receive directions on how to reach them.

Service charge:
  • · 1 € session start cost
  • · 0.69 €/ kWh
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