Driving without owning is now suitable also for private customers.

Driving with peace of mind means choosing DRIVALIA’s Private Lease, with fixed monthly payments and your desired services included.
Private customers choose the package that best suits them as well as the services tailored for their needs. Thus, they know exactly the vehicle costs thanks to the fixed monthly payment.
At the end of the contract, simply return the vehicle, choose your next one and start again.


Rental services integrated with digital technologies which allow you to drive without the hassles of car and fleet ownership.

For a fixed monthly fee, long-term car rental makes available a vehicle or a fleet in constantly excellent efficiency conditions, without the operating, administrative and maintenance costs traditionally linked to ownership. Benefits of long-term car rental include no initial investment, no unexpected costs, no loss-of-value risk and no waste of time.
DRIVALIA’s long-term rental is the ideal solution for businesses that need a car that they can use comfortably, without any maintenance costs and loss of value. It is a smart, comfortable option, suitable for everyone.

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